Website Calendar 


Your residents will be able to obtain a personalised 12 month waste collection calendar from Council's home page.

Residents will simply enter their address to view and print their calendar. 


This enables Council to avoid, or reduce, the cost of posting calendars to all premises each year.

Special events, clean up collection days can all be displayed on the calendar. Content can be updated at anytime for free.

This tool can be developed for your Council as a stand alone product or as an extension to the Waste Info App.


The calendar design can be edited to match Council's colours as desired.

Example: Bayside City Council


"The Bega Valley Waste APP has changed the way people think about waste in our shire. Since introducing it in May 2017 more than 20% of our residents have downloaded the APP.  We are excited to be further developing and improving its functionality as we transition more than 25,000 residents to a new FOGO bin collection service, the Waste App plays and integral part in our communications plan for FOGO.


This technology is:

  • Saving us money by not having to print 20,000 bin collection calendars each year

  • Reducing our impact on the environment by not having to recycle 20,000 printed calendars each year

  • Allowing our team to reach thousands of residents instantly via push notifications

  • Providing our residents with the most accurate information without having to troll through pages and pages on Council’s website


Impact Apps have been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to further developing this relationship now and into the future."

Joley Vidau

Waste Management Coordinator

Bega Valley Shire Council